RJ Bertera: Glok Holiday

The seeds of greatness began with grandfather John Bertera, the visionary and founder of the Holiday House. Robert Bertera, John’s son a strong and most honest man, is the loving father that left this realm too soon making RJ the chosen one to carry on the legacy of these legendary men.

Life began as an Apollo born boy. It is where RJ attended Catholic school, competed in many sports, and interestingly enough was laughed at throughout those years because of his inability to sing. That didn’t stop his teachers though from creating lead roles written as speaking parts for him in the annual musicals. This is where his strength in presence and character shined. Where was he headed? And who is laughing now?

RJ graduated High School and attended a private Catholic college in Pittsburgh, Duquesne University. Life and love and then a divine vision comes and the inspiration for Dead Man Switch is born. With purpose and persistence and proficiency this incendiary performer dreams of the change much needed and warranted in the music industry.

Your gunslinger is Glok Holiday; acting in a decisive manner, he calculates taking large risks in seeking large gains. He has issues with the world in large part and wants to make changes. In him, there is a prodigious leader not only to look up to but also follow. This alpha male is serious about being his best self and equally as important bringing out the best in others. The front man brought together Kyle, Johnny, and Justin among others and in October of 2017 the first Dead Man Switch album drops; the first of many.

RJ is the founder of Holiday House Studios, co-writer for Dead Man Switch, and also the co-writer for artist Mia Z’s project “Evidence.” RJ and Kyle work tirelessly at the Studio to bring you amazing songs, sounds, and beats as innovative entertainment for not only listening pleasure but for the lyrical genius that is Dead Man Switch’s purposeful goal. This musicianship and comradery, together with Johnny and Justin, manifests the Bertera vision of excellence. RJ doesn’t like to lose and was once a loner. He has found his path and this fearless leader, this romantic, this all heart mastermind, is outsmarting the smartest and actively conquering evil while being the best of the best! Obstacles and challenges are the agents of growth and Glok Holiday is the badass that keeps leveling up!

Kyle Horrell: Wyatt Erbb, Prodbykali

In today’s competitive world, you have to be confident and proficient to be a Jack-Of-All-Trades. All that is unseen is Kyle’s mastery; songwriter, producer, engineer and what is heard is vocal brilliance.

His birth roots are Apollo. A place to drum beats his school desk, and a gift for all to hear was his humming of random melodies during expected moments of silence. Kyle began recording guitar and vocals at age 15 and worked at a local Country Club to save up for a MacBook because GarageBand was the holy grail.

High School graduation, 3 semesters at Clarion University where he double majored then realized Business wasn’t the avenue for him. He packed his bags and headed to Orlando, FL where he pursued Music at Full Sail University. To “Figure it all Out” after college, Kyle moved to LA and in one year learned many life lessons and was humbled by the experience.

He returned to Apollo in 2016 and along with RJ, began the building of Holiday House Studios. Wyatt Erbb spent every waking moment and years making albums with Dead Man Switch and this past year with Mia Z. He not only works at Holiday House Studios but also ID Labs recording, mixing, and producing local acts.

Forever in any timeline, Kyle is the man that makes the machine run. Do yourself a favor and keep your ears and eyes open for his solo project “Hollywood Burnout” coming in 2021.

Johnny Doyle: Johnny Ringo

Johnny is a lifelong guitar enthusiast – his music loves and appreciations are born from the likes of Eric Clapton and inspired by Carlos Santana, Nirvana, Bush, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Mayer.

There are 24 years of dedication into this 6-string playing Apollo born native. First middle school jazz band and then onto high school where he played for the bands “Lifted” and “Big with Seed.” Johnny went onto win “Bound for Fame” in high school and then off to Penn State University where he graduated with a degree in Finance.

RJ and Johnny have been friends since early childhood and Dead Man Switch brought these two together musically. This consummate ladies’ man and poet that doesn’t know it has written a lot of riffs on the Konquest and War Horse albums.

Fame suits Ringo and he’s the guy that should be famous and hopefully will be. He struggles with good and evil and hates inequality and how the world conducts itself, having said that though, he is a man of his dreams. Pushing his inhibitions to the side and growing as an artist, no longer reserved or keeping to himself, you can check him out as Mia Z’s new guitarist.

Justin Kostelansky: Chief Zen Nexus

A student of music and theory to this day, born in Apollo, Justin is driven and inspired by all genres. He grew up on everything from Blues, Jazz, Soul, and Funk, to Punk, Classical, and Metal. Raised within a family filled with great talents, his Dad was a drummer and Mom a portrait artist and his great aunt was an Opera singer. Justin started playing drums at age 7 taught by his father and then added the guitar at age 12. He even went onto play the trombone for the school band.

Ringo and Justin met at a pretty young age and then later on Justin and RJ became friends and teammates on the Little League team the Eagles (which was coached by Mr. Bertera, RJ’s dad.)

Along with instrumental abilities, Justin is also a vocalist. He was in the band “Lifted” with Ringo, then the lead singer in his own band “Terafin” moved onto “Kill Orien” before coming together with the guys in Dead Man Switch.

Chief is a trustworthy dude, and an honest friend, and understands the importance of showing up when asked or needed. Whether rocking out on the drums, shredding the bass, or providing the vocals, Chief delivers without hesitation.

Bios written by Eileen Marie