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P R O J E C T  P A P E R  S T R E E T 

 Hello. My name is Rj Bertera, and I’m the owner/founder of HH Studios & DMS. My mission started along time ago and one day it will be achieved. To leave the world in a better place before I go. By any means necessary. As a child, I had a great relationship with my father. When I was four years old, he gave me a red Mercedes Benz power wheels, and I’ve been rolling ever since. I rolled it straight through the glass door at the original Holiday House. I survived, but you should have seen the door. Located in Monroeville, PA my family owned and ran the establishment up until the late 80s. It wasn’t always fun though, at 6 months old I ended up in a full baby cast due to a carrying mishap in my mothers arms. (Yes, I had to pee out of one of those small holes you see in movies.) My father & both his parents passed away due to health complications at 11 which left me struggling to find myself in an ever changing world. At 24 I was diagnosed with MS. I decided to move to California and pursue a music career. Upon learning the music industry was far from what it had been made out to be, I came back home to PA and married my childhood sweetheart. Eight years later we were divorced and I was forced again to find myself in a new landscape. But then it all changed, I didn’t find music, it found to me. It spoke to me, spoke through me. It was the sword the ronin requires. After years of song releases, album releases, songwriting for other artists and failed relationships both in and outside of the band, it still speaks to me. It’s my gift and my curse, and I will honor its power until I’m gone. I wear it as any king would, like a crown. What’s come from it is 3 things, and it has been more rewarding than any amount of money or fame. Peace, a greater sense of knowing myself, and Soap. That’s right, like music, soap allows me to create and find news ways to offer a different solution or perspective the world would otherwise overlook. Plus, I get the chance to help people with skincare issues, rashes, eczema and much more. It’s the blessing and the purpose I’ve been looking for all of my life.


I’ve made many mistakes, have some regrets, but too few to count. I think in order to be a man of value; one has to continue to strive for new heights and not limit himself with the ceilings others place on him. I’ve spent time as a student ambassador over in Europe when I was 14, won sports championships in both football and baseball in little league, was the lead in school dramas and musicals, and most importantly, won the Sunburst Baby King pageant at only a year old. Lol. My point, life is tough. And you can either fight back or cower in fear. Make a difference. Make Soap. -Glok Holiday


P.s Our soap contains a tri-blend base of goats milk, oatmeal with Shea butter and aloe. Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil are added for moisture and to treat dry, irritable skin. We look forward to working closely with our customers to tailor make our products to their needs and specifications. Please enjoy, and leave us feedback/orders at

S O A P  M O L D S




S O A P  G I F T  S E T S 

Check out our curated gift sets! Available to purchase or create your own basket of soap to enjoy!

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