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M U S I C  D I S C O G R A P H Y 


You Know Who You Are

Brand New Dead Man Switch Single!


November Rain

Dead Man Switch Single!


The Beach

Dead Man Switch Single Ft. Mia Z



Dead Man Switch Single

The One


Dead Man Switch Single Ft. Mia Z


Far Away

Dead Man Switch Single

Dead Man Switch Albums


Available now! 

Question: A man rides into town on Friday, stays 3 days at the local inn, then leaves again on Friday. How is that possible? Answer: The Horse’s name is Friday. Life’s a riddle, and so too is this project. It’s a story within a story. Listen closely, and see if you can connect the dots. Which way will the outlaws ride?…Will they fight for love? Or justice? In the colossal battle of good and evil, can they conquer the world, or even better yet, themselves? This 5 song, 15 minute EP took approximately 3 years to write and complete due to the drama that is the multiverse. For your listening pleasure, please turn up as loud as humanly possible and enjoy. Special thanks to: Kyle Horrell, Justin Kostelansky, Mia Z & Cody Thompson

Dr_L 2_advisory.jpeg

Dr. Labuz

Available now!

A Horse Named Friday

Is there a Doctor in the house? Yes! Yes, there is. Dr. Labuz is here and will cure all that ails you. Dead Man Switch releases their 5th album Christmas Eve, December 24, 2020. The buzz - Glok is your Dr not your pool man and nothing Wyatt can say will heal you, but 101 Heart Station starts this album off with yet another unique sound for DMS. This 8-track collection exclusively showcases the songwriting of Glok Holiday and Wyatt Erbb, with Ringo on guitar and the vocal features of Chief Zen Nexus and Mia Z. For the record there is something special about November Rain and while fighting with the lights out Mia Z drifts like a Night Owl into our ears and graces us with her beautiful artistry. Hold that thought for one more moment, the truth is Esoteric, but please remember Dead Man Switch is more than a band. They are artists hoping to not only entertain you but to impact your life positively and bring you music that’s innovative and lyrically creative. 


Fight Knights

Quest for King Zephyr

The debut of Dead Man Switch - It is Friday the 13th of October 2017 Fight Knights – The Quest For King Zephyr is released. This 13-track album begins with Ambiguous. “You see it, you dream it, you live it…” These guys from Apollo, Pennsylvania are destined to greatness; you can’t help but believe by the end of the album they will be living their dreams. They have a newness to their sound that doesn’t compare to others. DMS has fun funky sounds, and lyrically it delivers. It is their rise and fall, their highs and lows, their sounds and beats that will have you queuing many favorites. In A Perfect World perfectly imperfect. Don’t fret! Enjoy this album over and over again; though no more anticipation needed.



The White Horse

You only had to wait six months; Konquest is released April 20, 2018. There is something to be said for another 13 tracks so soon and with such new sounds. The works are definitely cohesive and because there is such a magnitude of talent coming together, the reward is nearly 45 minutes and it is nothing short of awesome. Instrumentally as well as vocally this album has great tracks that not only have you hearing but feeling them. Both Fight Knights and Konquest, give you the feeling of building to greater songs and then letting you come down gently into the hunger of wanting more. This is the greatest storm your ancestors were waiting for… so Come Aboard!

FINALwarCover copy.jpg


The Red Horse

Four months later, Dead Man Switch delivers another bakers dozen. Why not? Thirteen has been lucky for them thus far. The album War was released August 18, 2018 and Wow! The guys put together some significantly titled songs where you find yourself picking up the lyrics quickly and enjoying. Can’t help but appreciate the guitarists and drummers on this album as well. Whether it’s Johnny on the guitar, Chief killing it on the drums, or Wyatt and Glok laying down mad verses this one hit me with a Haymaker, drop me, knock me out. Ring the bell another round…


Feast or Famine

The Black Horse

Don’t twist their arms. If you ask for more, they deliver. Yes! A little over a year later, the fans go wild again! You can ask how they did it, but honestly you know. December 24, 2019 Dead Man Switch astounds us with their 4th album release and this time, count them, there are 17 tracks. Feast Or Famine came at us with such a vengeance. They promise, if you were not a melophile before Dead Man Switch arrived on the music scene, this album will convert you! Not only will the songwriting blow you away but so will the delivery and the mastery of the producing and engineering. From Day By Day to Shooting Spree, you will be drawn in by the lyrics, the rapping, and how this one is completely different from the others. Mercy! Byron Brown really did it! Each body of work is telling a story and increasing your desire to listen and relisten. How are you feeling?

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