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F E A T U R E D  A R T I S T S

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Mia Zanotti is an independent artist, vocalist and producer from Pittsburgh, PA. She has been combining her love of the stage and studio since 2012, performing and developing her original songs with a variety of live musicians, established artists, studio producers and film composers. Her musical style is defined by her signature singing voice, an expressive instrument known for it's haunting beauty and melodic force.  


In 2015, she was selected to appear on Season 8 of NBC's hit show "The Voice", making it to the top 12 and wowing both the audience and judges with her distinct vocal style and expansive range. Backed by the support of artist and producer Pharrell Williams, she worked to improve as an artist during her time on the show, utilizing the unique mentorship of Williams to help in her career evolution. Traveling back and forth to LA for several years working with many writers and producers. She released her  first single "Tell Nobody" in February of 2018 followed by her single "Drive" August 2018. Mia Z currently released her album "Evidence" on July 4, 2020 with the help of RJ Bertera, Kyle Horrell, Lorey Zanotti, Sean Cannister, and Johnny Ringo. The album was written by RJ Bertera and Kyle Horrell at Holiday House Studios with features from Dead Man Switch. 


Mia is creating all original, inspiring, influential, personal, and relatable music. A lot of her music is a depiction of her story. 

She has a vast catalog of music in the wings ready to be released and to inspire the world all through God who strengthens her. 

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